A Sad Day for America and the World


It’s a sad day for America and the world. Western governments, including that of the United States, conspired together to attack Syria so they could benefit in the same way Iraq and Libya have benefited from Western intervention. The United States government funded, trained, and supplied the terrorists that ultimately became known as ISIS. After years of turmoil, Syrians began fleeing their country. The vast majority of them are good people trying to get away from a bad situation that our government helped create. Now as a result of heinous acts that were no doubt committed by patsies who were supported by nefarious people for their own reasons, all Syrians are suspect and are no longer welcome in the countries that helped destroy their home. France has become a police state. The media is pushing fear upon us like never before. What’s next? Are we going to start rounding up Syrians and put them in camps? Have we learned nothing from history? Maybe I need to be watched as a possible Syrian sympathizer. It breaks my heart when I see good people cheering about bombs being dropped on foreign cities. Only the bomb makers and the fear mongers are profiting from this insanity.StatueofLibertyWeepingAngel2

You Might Be An Extremist If . . .


The drumbeat on the news about extremists, extremism, becoming radicalized, and so on is absurd and right out of 1984. Don’t fall for these vague terms. Such methods are designed to condition us to react in certain ways. One way we react is by turning off our rational thought process and not analyzing situations. It’s like calling someone a tin foil hat wearer or a conspiracy theorist. When we hear such labels, we are conditioned to disregard any information coming from that source, regardless of any other considerations about the quality or veracity of the information. How about the War on Terrorism? Terrorism bad. Terrorist bad. Any person or group or nation identified as a terrorist deserves to be imprisoned or attacked. This is the direction our would-be controllers are heading with “extremist.” If you have “extremist” views, you deserve to be singled out for persecution or worse. And look out! People are randomly “radicalized,” like being infected with a virus. The next thing you know, that formerly normal, rational person is committing or planning heinous acts. They might even go to the Middle East and start chopping off heads. Give me a break.

Fear is the Mind Killer

#NoDataDay: Getting Angry About the Surveillance


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Lego-Movie-Illuminati-All-Seeing-Eye-on-you-2I had a dream where I had gone into a convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. I was paying in cash and I handed the clerk two $5 bills. The clerk said that he had to take a picture of anyone paying with cash. In the context of this dream, this was not something new or unexpected. However, when he first attempted to photograph me, my face was in the shadow of my hat and he could not see it well so he asked me to look up so that the light would be shining on my face. The light was very bright and it hurt my eyes so much that I could not keep them open. This also was not acceptable. We went back and forth two or three times between the two options. I finally told the clerk that I was very tired and that I simply could not keep my eyes open in such a bright light. In the dream, I actually was feeling very tired, as though I had not slept in a while, and my eyes felt as though they were rather dry and bloodshot. Continue reading

Dump the Incumbents


SACAR-LA-BASURAWake up the establishment! So many folks think Congress is doing a bad job as a whole but their Representative is okay. A significant change in personnel would stir things up.

Here’s the deal: In every contest for Federal and State Representatives and Senators, vote for the candidate who is polling higher than any other challenger to the incumbent, regardless of party affiliation. You won’t end the Two-Party Tyranny but you will put it on notice that you have power and you are not satisfied with the status quo.


Boston is a Wake Up Call — Don’t Hit the Snooze Button!


You think the federal government is above running a false flag operation to meet a political agenda? Ever hear of the Maine? The Gulf of Tonkin? The real story behind the OK City bombing? It’s time of all of us to put on our big boy pants and face reality. What happened in Boston was appalling. Are they going to get away with seizing control of a major city and violating civil liberties left and right all for the sake of apprehending two suspects? They could have handled it much more quietly and professionally and with less danger to the public except for one thing: They wanted to make a spectacle and show that they could do whatever they wanted and get away with it.

The TSA is Brilliant!


TSA’s move to allow small knives was brilliant! People who have been conditioned to behave as prisoners and slaves are begging for more protection from the TSA. It disgusts me that American citizens have become so fearful and cowardly. Remember the scene from Aladdin? The guards chasing him in the bazaar recoil in fear: “He’s got a sword.” Then the leader says, “You idiots! We’ve all got swords!”